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You can order a GP-X Accessible, Secure & Responsive GP website for your practice or PCN by contacting us on 01482 657008 OR by emailing us using the button below and enclosing a practice leaflet and/or current website address OR by simply using the order form below where you can upload your practice leaflet or provide your current website address. 

Your order will receive immediate attention and we will call you to welcome your practice to GP-X. There will be a three month FREE period so that you have time to provide notice to any existing supplier without financial penalty. During that time we will organise a standing order payment with you.


Please enter a correct email address.
If you wish, you can upload a Practice Leaflet  (see below).


GP-X Practice Web Desighn loho for GP Practice websites

To assist with smooth transfer from existing GP Surgery website supplier, the first three months subscription to GP-X practice websites is Free.  

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